Secure Pull-Up Pants

Secure is the trusted pull-up adult diaper brand that caters to mobile patients and offers them superior protection and convenience. Secure also has adult wipes to complement the supplementary cleaning needs of adults.

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Caress Incontinence Care

Alagang Lubos, Ginhawang Caress Caress

is the brand of choice for incontinence care products because it understands the needs not just of the incontinence sufferers but also of their caregivers, as it provides complete and maximum comfort and protection at an affordable price.

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Hy-Pants adult underwear provides comfortable protection for people with incontinence but are still mobile. It has a breathable outer cover that allows air to pass through providing a cooler feeling while helping prevent rashes and a full stretchable waistband made of soft material that provide a snug fit, allowing you to be on the move. With its anti-leak barrier, it also provides protection from leaks as it traps liquid at the sides.

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