Dear JSU team,


As JS Unitrade continues on our Journey to Greatness, it is critical that our people be prepared to take on challenges and lead the organization towards maximum performance. Driven by a strong passion to build and reinforce a high performance culture, we continue to develop and implement programs that would help our employees with the required skills and competencies to capacitate them for more challenging work now and in the future.


Our ODHRA Team is gradually building our JSUniversity which will have different learning programs and curriculums using different learning solutions delivery. There will be three pillars under which our learning programs will be classified - Values Formation and Ethics, Leadership and Behaviour, Skills Training. This initiative is aligned and supportive of Our Purpose, Our Shared Values and Our Principles.


I encourage all of you to maximize the opportunity for learning through the programs under our JSUniversity but at the same time be responsible for your own development by building a commitment between you and your immediate supervisor or manager in harnessing your full potential.


All the best,

Samuel L. Po



Strong Start

JSU's on-boarding program for new members of the team. This includes Strong Start Product Knowledge Online Assessment that strengthens PK

( product knowledge of our sales team ).


Learn Lead

A learning program for Management Committee to give them regular dose of management and leadership sessions to equip and inspire them to lead their own teams better.


Get Skilled

Our learning program targeted to improve specific skills to drive productivity and performance. This is either in-house learning programs or attendance to public training programs conducted outside the office.


Bite Size

An e-learning paradigm to provide short but regular learning programs to our employees. This is online so employees can access them at their most                          convenient time.


Brown Bag Session

A learning program for employees usually conducted either at lunch break or afternoon break to provide short but meaningful learning sessions on values formation, leadership and behaviour, work and office etiquette and other valuable topics that will enhance employee productivity or inspire employee engagement.

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