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What started as a simple two-man trading business led by Samuel L. Po in Manila has now become a continuing journey to improve and advance the everyday lives of families in small but meaningful ways.



Samuel started a humble electrical supplies trading business in the 1980s. After several years, having married and with growing family, Samuel found himself going to great lengths to find diapers for his young son that later turned out to be not only expensive but also poor quality. Starting out of personal need, and with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, he also discovered an opportunity to bring better quality baby diapers to the Filipino family at affordable prices.

From catering to baby’s needs, JS Unitrade grew and saw other ways to help families live more comfortable and fuller lives by bringing best value products that were reasonably priced yet of great quality. We expanded into other segments, such as incontinence care and feminine protection, that enabled people to continue living the lives they wanted.


The business steadily grew though with its share of detours and setbacks through the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, as well as the lackluster Philippine economy. It is also a tale of tough competition using both shrewd and underhanded tactics. But through it all, we forged through and treated each obstacle as a challenge to clarify our purpose, improve our ways of working and strengthen our resolve.


It became clear to us that despite challenges, what we are looking forward to. It became clear to us what we are here for. Our story is one of grit and perseverance through challenges to continue to realize our dream to enrich lives of the families we serve.


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