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Asian Dragon – The Amazing Story of Samuel Po

December 1, 2018

Samuel Po is a very soft-spoken man. He speaks barely above a whisper, but in a rounded, musical voice, with a very slight hint of his Ilonggo accent. He is a property magnate today, known as the developer of the Marco Polo Ortigas, an up start five-star hotel that has dared to challenge the mighty Edsa Shangri-La on its home turf. How he arrived here is a very unusual story. At Asian Dragon, we look for the unusual in every story, but what we found here surprised even us.

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Competing with diaper-wearing Goliaths

May 12, 2017

Samuel L. Po is the founder and president of JS Unitrade Merchandise Inc., a leading consumer goods company known for selling trusted brands such as EQ Baby Diapers, Charmee Feminine Protection, Caress Incontinence Care, Secure Adult Pull-Up Pants and Nursy Baby Wipes.

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The life of Po is not pie

June 5, 2013

Judging from readers response, I sense that people are more interested to read and learn real life lessons and applicable knowledge. For this reason, Id like to share with you excerpts from a talk I had with Mr. Samuel Po on his life, his business and why, contrary to local business practices, he chose to bring in a foreign Þrm to do a business process analysis on his entire operations and then hired them to do serious corrections.

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Po family’s JS Unitrade scales up Asian presence

May 21, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – JS Unitrade Merchandise Inc., the firm behind Pro-Kids and EQ diapers and Charmee panty liners and sanitary pads, is scaling up its presence in Asia with plans to enter Cambodia and Taiwan in line with its goal to hit P10 billion in sales in the next four years.

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