Baby Diapers

EQ PLUS Baby Diapers

It has absorbent core that absorbs wetness fast and draws urine away from surface for a comfortable dry feeling. Side leak guards that effectively stop leaks. Its refastenable tape for easy adjustment. Wetness Indicator that indicates the right time to change baby’s diaper, hence diaper use is maximized. Now with Elastic Waistband that fits snugly on your baby’s waist for better fit and movement.

EQ DRY Baby Diapers

High absorbent core draws urine away providing dryness. It’s 100% Breathable Cover allows skin to breath and prevent rashes. Its soft Cloth-Like Cover lessens friction on baby’s sensitive skin when moving. The Side Leak Guards effectively stop leaks. *Now with Elastic waistband for a snug fit on your baby’s waist for easier movement and Bubble Top Sheet that protects your baby’s delicate skin from harmful bacteria. It also has Wider Magic Tape that allows easy adjustment and holds diaper securely in place.
*Available in Travel Packs, Econo Packs, Jumbo Packs and Mega Packs.

EQ COLORS Baby Diapers

It has double superior absorbent layer that absorbs wetness fast & draws urine from surface for a comfortable dry feeling. Contoured-shape design to fit diaper trimly to baby. Its refastenable tapes enable easy adjustment. Now, with a powder-scented core that neutralizes odor and keeps baby’s skin fresh and clean. Its back sheet cover is now made of breathable material that helps prevent rashes and dispels heat. It comes in different colors for every size and its colorful design is fit for outdoor use.