To provide products of superior quality at best value to all our customers. We are committed to serve the needs of all our consumers with utmost competence, reliability and credibility.


1. To be a world class consumer company with high quality products and service standard.

2. Core Values

a) Quality – We push for excellence in all our products, in the results we achieve, and in the ways by which we achieve the results.

b) Affordability – We do our utmost to provide the best valued products to our customers and consumers.

c) Integrity – Our conduct towards our consumers, our partners, and our company is morally and legally upright.

d) Customer Satisfaction – We deliver quality products and services to our customers and consumers thus ensuring their gratification.

e) Innovation – We continually develop new ways to improve our products and our service to be able to provide the best for our customers.

f) Be the Best – We promote the health, upgrade the skills, and enhance the well-being of our most valuable resource – our people.

g) Team Work – We work with passion in pursuing common goals.

h) Leadership – We value the people who lead by example, take pride in doing what is right and what is best and, most importantly, inspire others to do the same.

i) Share Holders Value – We advance the best interests of our company in all our transactions at all times, thus representing our company with the highest of ethical