Our Brands

EQ Dry Baby Diapers

Happy si Baby. Happy si Mommy!

EQ Dry Baby Diapers provides the best value and comfort for your baby because of its premium-like features. It is a trusted diaper brand because of is superior quality. EQ Dry continues to innovate and adapt to the needs of Filipino moms and babies.

EQ Plus Baby Diapers

Walang tatalo sa alagang totoo!

Filipino mothers trust only EQ Plus Baby Diapers because of its quality features at an affordable price. It comes with premium features not found in other low-priced diaper brands making it truly a value for money product.

EQ Colors

Hindi kailangang mahal ang pamamahal.

EQ Colors is an affordable diaper yet provides superior absorbency and comes with quality features that EQ is known for.

EQ Pants

EQ Pants is a pull up diaper that is easy to put on and off on your active toddlers; It’s just like underwear.

Genius Grow Up Pants

Genius Grow Up Pants is a pull up diaper with stand to wear feature that you can put on and take off for quick and easy changes anytime, anywhere! Ideal for young children going through potty training or babies who still want to extend diaper usage.

Caress Incontinence Care Products

Alagang Lubos, Ginhawang Caress

Caress is the brand of choice for incontinence care products because it understands the needs not just of the incontinence sufferers but also of their caregivers, as it provides complete and maximum comfort and protection at an affordable price.

Secure Pull-Up Pants and Adult Wipes

Secure is the trusted pull-up adult diaper brand that caters to mobile patients and offers them superior protection and convenience. Secure also has adult wipes to complement the supplementary cleaning needs of adults.

Hy-Pants Adult Underwear

Hy-Pants adult underwear provides comfortable protection for people with incontinence but are still mobile.

Charmee Feminine Protection

Charmee Protektado!

Charmee is the smart and practical brand of choice for feminine protection because it has a lineup products suited for every woman's hygienic needs and provides superior protection at a pocket-friendly price.

Nursy Baby Wipes

Nursy Baby Wipes has a gentle formulation that's safe even for the most sensitive of baby's skin. You can always count on Nursy Baby Wipes to help keep your little ones clean.

Hy-5 Hygienic Wipes

Hy-5 Hygienic Wipes is there to keep you sanitized all the time and anywhere you may be so you won't go out of your way to look for the nearest wash room to clean your hands.

Kitchen Mate Multi-Purpose Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Mate is your constant go-to aid for spills and all other frills! Best of all, its affordable price does not sacrifice its premium quality.

Tidy Inter-folded Paper Towel

Tidy Inter-folded Paper Towel is your solution to keep unwanted spills, dirt and kitchen messes at bay.