JS Unitrade Merchandise, Inc.

JS Unitrade Merchandise, Inc., a subsidiary of First SLP Holdings, is a nationwide distributor of paper and personal care products, whose vision is to enhance the lives of Filipinos through better hygiene. Established in the 1980s, we have emerged as a prime mover of baby care, feminine hygiene and geriatric care products. We proudly carry Asian-made disposable baby diapers, adult diapers and underpads, pantyliners and sanitary pads, wipes and paper tissue products.

Our expertise and experience in the industry has earned us the title of the Hygiene Professionals.

An innovative company by nature, it is part of our culture to search for new products and to develop new markets that will positively impact the daily lives of Filipino families. In this course, we combine hard work, experience, creativity, perseverance, aggressiveness, forward-thinking and a deep passion to continuously challenge the norm.

Our success also derives from our dedication to achieve supreme quality in our service, beginning with the products we distribute. We only carry brands of the finest quality that are produced by world-renowned manufacturers. Among our brands are EQ Baby Diapers, Caress Adult Diapers and Incontinence Underpads, Secure Pull-up Adult Diapers and Wipes, Charmee Feminine Pads, Pantyliners and Wipes, Nursy Baby Wipes, Kitchen Mate Multi-Purpose Kitchen Towel and Tidy Inter-folded Paper Towel, Purejoy Skincare Baby Wipes, Hy-5 Hygienic Wipes and Hy-Touch Personal Flushable Wipes .

Our success can also be attributed to the impeccable service the company extends to each customer, supplier, and partner. We deliver timely results and excellent service through the efficient and modern management of our resources.

Our spirited leadership-oriented workforce of over a hundred members is professional, dedicated and tireless. Everybody works towards a common goal: to make sure that our products spell the difference in the daily lives of millions of Filipinos.